Preachers & Politicians with Fiery Tongues

There are two great temptations for those of us who claim to speak for God – arrogance and self-righteousness. Self-righteousness reveals itself in how we separate ourselves from them – sinners. We speak down to them; we shout at them; we condemn them. We thank God that we are not like them. But we are. All of us stand before God broken, confused, and sinful.

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Should Christians Honor Pagan Rulers?

With the fall of Christendom – a political culture informed by the Christian faith – Christians must learn to live as “aliens and strangers” in a foreign land (1 Peter 1:1; 2:11). Christians are now a minority culture with little political power and civil status. For the first time in our lives, many white Christians are now experiencing the sense of alienation that our black and brown fellow citizens have endured for centuries.

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