Some Thoughts on Congregational Restoration

Most local churches have a mixed history success and dysfunction. Sometimes, the dysfunction is the result of toxic pastoral leadership. In these cases, the common remedy is a pastoral change. Therefore, the congregation is subjected to a series of anxiety provoking events. In the midst of the anxiety, the denominational bishop shows up to negotiate the transition of leadership. In many cases, the bishop has only a “snapshot” of the congregation – a brief interaction – and then moves on to the next crisis. Pastors are removed (often without explanation) and appointed quickly with little time for serious prayer, reflection, and dialogue. The end result is a seriously wounded congregation.

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On this Pentecost Sunday…

On this Pentecost Sunday, I am thinking about terrorism. The news of the morning was about another Islamist terror attack in London. I am reminded that God has not given us “a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” (2 Timothy 1:7 ESV). Just as the earliest Christians boldly proclaimed the gospel in the midst of persecution, so too must we be bold in our gospel witness in the midst of terrorism.

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Reflections of an Ecumenical Pentecostal