Kings, Prophets, and President Trump

I will pray for the success of the Trump administration, even though I did not vote for Mr. Trump. I pray that God will grant him wisdom to govern justly and the discipline to bridle his tongue. Christians are encouraged to “honor the king,” and to “give to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar.” Therefore, disciples of Jesus Christ should seek to respect everyone in authority, whether Democrat or Republican.

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Trump, Constantine, and the Religious Right

As we approach the inauguration of President Trump I would like to offer a few personal political and religious reflections, and confessions. As those who have followed my posts during the election are aware, I did not support Donald Trump for president. For the first time in my adult life I did not vote for President.

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Why we need an Apocalyptic Gospel

With the rise of Constantine in the 4th century the Christian faith took a decidedly political turn. What began with the toleration of Christianity under Constantine later became legalization, and ultimately the establishment of the Christian faith as the state religion throughout Catholic and Protestant Europe. Although the Christian faith had a profoundly positive affect upon European civilization, Christendom led to centuries of conflict and warfare among the various Christian kingdoms. Christendom is a failed experiment.

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The Danger of “the Other”

I’ve heard friends and other apologist for the left speak about the right’s dismissal of “the other.” The “other” is defined as anyone who is not like you. This is another way of promoting identity politics – a way of defining various people groups in terms of their culture and ethnicity. There is a very real danger in viewing any human as “the other.”

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Reflections of an Ecumenical Pentecostal