Let’s Write a New Story about Race

When radical leftist cry, “Racism!” it’s often hard for me to take them serious. They see racism in everything. Since the inauguration of Richard Nixon in 1969, leftist have accused Republicans as being racist and fascist. The way the leftist define racism is selective. Racism is a political term that speaks only to those with privilege and power. There is one other element to racism – white. When one reads the literature of the radical left white-ism is a synonym for racism. The original sin of this political narrative is being white. It goes something like this:

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I am a Pastor. Really, I am!

Serving as a pastor is all I ever wanted to do. I’ve been doing this since 1980. Now, whether or not I’ve been a good pastor is for others to judge. I must admit that when I judge myself I get discouraged. I’ve never succeeded in building a mega-church and I’m not in demand as a camp-meeting/conference speaker. By the contemporary standards of Pentecostal ministry, I’m about average. But, according to my colleagues and supervisors, I’ve never fit the pastoral model. Since I was a young man I’ve had to defend my call.

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