Will Women Bishops lead to Homosexual Marriage?

Some of my colleagues have suggested that those of us who favor the egalitarian the view of men and women are practicing a dangerous hermeneutic that will ultimately justify the acceptance of homosexual marriage. I admit that bad hermeneutics have indeed been employed to justify all sorts of evils. That is why we must approach the preaching and teaching of God’s word with fear, prayer, knowledge, and love for truth.

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Ministerial Ranking in the Church of God: It’s Time for a Change

Dale M. Coulter – Guest Author

Part of the challenge of discussing the role of women in ministry has to do with the Church of God’s (hereafter CG) position on ministerial rank. My intention in this two-part analysis is primarily to convince people that the CG should consider changing how it understands ministerial ranking, which is in keeping with the recommendation to study the meaning of ordained bishop adopted at the previous General Assembly.

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