Why are Young Pentecostals Minimizing Tongues-Speech?

I believe in speaking in other tongues (here and here). In a recent Facebook conversation I noted that many young Pentecostals are minimizing tongues-speech as a sign of the Spirit. I was asked, “In your opinion are the young Pentecostals minimizing tongues or are they pushing back on the position that without tongues there is no Holy Spirit indwelling?

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If Jesus made wine, why does the Church teach that it’s wrong to drink it?

Because of my long involvement in ministerial development I am always in conversation with young men and women of the church who are presenting themselves for ministry. So, this gives me a perspective on what they are thinking. Many of these young people are really smart and passionate. They want to serve Christ. They are searching for direction, and they are asking some really good questions. One question I often hear is about drinking alcoholic beverages: “If Jesus made wine, why is it wrong to drink it?”

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It’s the Lord’s Day! Or Super Bowl Sunday?

Bishop John Chrysostom of Constantinople (398-404) lamented that so many of his congregants were skipping church to walk across the street to attend the horse races at the Hippodrome – which he referred to as the “satanodrome.” I wonder what Bishop John would think of Super Bowl Sunday? This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

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